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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 7.32 PM IST

Ganesh Kumar built houses for two women using fund of ‘AMMA’; Mukesh’s threat reason to withdraw from Vinayan’s film, says Shammi Thilakan


Shammi Thilakan harshly criticised actors Mukesh and Ganesh Kumar. Shammi alleged that Ganesh Kumar was haunting me for his anger towards his father Thilakan.

Mukesh is the reason for withdrawing from Vinayan’s film. Mukesh jokingly threatened me. Mukesh and Innocent told me not to act in the film and asked me to return the advance. That is how I withdrew from the film, Shammi said.

Ganesh Kumar's statement against me is absurd. On what basis the allegation is levelled, asked Shammi. Ganesh Kumar himself said Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) is a mafia gang. Ganesh's cousin a DYSP is taking fake cases.

‘Kaineettam was given to get votes. Kaineettam was announced to 25 people at the executive committee convened after the election was declared. Isn't that wrong? Isn't that illegal? That's how they are all sitting in AMMA’s official positions from time to time. Rs 5000 is given monthly. I also got the amount. I returned the amount saying that I am not that old to receive the amount. It has just got the name Kaineettam, it is given as pension. It is mentioned as retirement scheme in the audit. Is there a retirement for artists? Isn’t it wrong, I didn’t create any problems. I returned the amount saying not to force me to accept this amount till a decision is taken on the allegations levelled. I gave in writing. I will give a reply.

A person accused of retracting statement was made the presiding officer. I was ashamed to appear before him. I told would come in a video call. But the organization that claims to have world class facilities did not accept it. I approached the organization like my own mother. I think I’m born illegitimately.

Ganesh Kumar built houses for two women in Pathanapuram with AMMA’s fund before the elections. I asked about it. Ganesh Kumar himself expressed concern that AMMA’s building was like a club. The bank balances of many of the members should be examined. 'AMMA' has a case of Rs 6 crore with the income tax department. Why didn't Ganesh Kumar ask about this? I will say many things openly.

Ganesh Kumar had hired goons to attack my father when he went to deliver a speech at Ezhukon.

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