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Thursday, 09 February 2023 11.27 AM IST

China's double standard


India is one of the countries which has received severe wounds of terrorist attacks. Around 200 innocent people lost their lives in the Mumbai terror attack. Fourty-two CRP soldiers died in the bomb blast in Pulwama. There have been several attacks on the border, in Jammu and in army camps. The stated objective of the Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed is to plan terrorist attacks and acts of separatism in India. When India raises its voice against this in international forums, all the major countries of the world will say with one voice that everyone should unite to suppress the terrorists. But when it comes to the practical level, some leading countries take the stance of helping the terrorists. The latest example of this is clear from China's position in the UN Security Council.

In the Security Council, China blocked the joint demand of India and the United States to include Abdul Rauf Azhar, the deputy chief of the Pakistani terror organization Jaish-e-Mohammed and the brother of Jaish chief Masood Azhar, on the global terror list. China objected to the proposal on the grounds that it needed more time to evaluate it. Blaming China's move as a political stunt, India criticized it as a double standard. Rauf is the terrorist who hijacked IC-814 flight from India and landed it in Afghanistan in 1999 and negotiated with India to free his brother Masood Azhar from jail in India in exchange for the passengers. Apart from this, he was also behind the attack on Parliament. India approached the UN committee with evidence that his hands were behind the Pulwama and Pathankot attacks. Pakistan arrested him in 2019 and convicted him as a terrorist. Now there is no clear confirmation of the terrorist's whereabouts. China's insistence that it has much to learn before placing such a notorious terrorist on the global terror list is another testament to the country's approach to supporting terrorists.

Two months ago, China also blocked the naming of Lashkar-e-Taiba's deputy chief Abdul Rehman Makki as a global terrorist. This position of China will only lead to further deterioration of relations with India. During preparations for the 75th Independence Day celebrations, four soldiers were martyred in an ambush by Lashkar terrorists on an army camp in Jammu and Kashmir. This incident raises the suspicion that China, like Pakistan, is playing a role in stirring up terrorists against India. China should not lose sight of the historical lesson that any country that harbours terrorists has suffered the consequences.

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