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Friday, 03 February 2023 4.09 PM IST

Working days that are being wasted


Even though it has been two months since the result of the Class 10 examination, the Plus One admission has not been completed yet. Those who got the third phase allotment will get admission in the next two days. 2.95 lakh children have been admitted in the three allotments already held. Thousands of children are waiting for admission. As it is a centralized allotment, the chances of bypassing it and getting admission anywhere are very less. If you give donation, you will get admission in vacant management schools. At this late stage, the possibility of even that is less. By the time the process is completed, it will be time for Onam vacation. Classes can start only after that. In effect, the Plus One children missed a term altogether. Meanwhile, there are many self-financing schools in the state that started classes within two weeks of the results. Some of the portions have already been completed.

If any test is not finalized before the start of the academic year and implemented with precision, it is the children who will fail. The unified plus one entrance was implemented with much opposition in the beginning. Late central board exam results may justify the delay in the centralized allotment process. But there was no hindrance to move things forward as soon as the result came. In this age of information technology, it does not take much time. It is only because of the reluctance to break out of the usual frameworks that everything goes back to the way it used to be.

There are many discussions and decisions about the academic calendar and the conduct of examinations. If things are to happen according to the dates, strong interventions are necessary. Children from ordinary families will suffer the most if the days of academics are reduced. Those with better financial status can look for qualified teachers and tuition centres right after the 10th class exam. So they don't mind if the schools open late.

Even after two and a half months after the publication of the results of the Class 10 examination, the pass certificate has not yet been made available. The certificates will be delivered to the DEO offices on the 30th of this month. It will take a few more days to reach the children. By then it will be Onam vacation. If the exam result and mark list can be prepared then what is the justification for delaying the pass certificates. Nowadays, certificates are not written by hand. Not being able to issue the pass certificate in time despite knowing that it is required at the time of Plus One admission is a major lapse. This is a great shame in this digital age. Not only the Plus One admissions but also the admissions in higher courses are being delayed. Although engineering admissions have started in the neighbouring state, even the entrance result has not been released here. Even when we say that we are ahead in all fields, these things prove that the reality is different.

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