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Friday, 09 December 2022 9.24 PM IST

Changing the ways of police


If the guidelines put forward by the Chief Minister at the high-level meeting of police officers are put into action, the Kerala Police will become the best police force in India. Our police force is among the best in the country when it comes to law and order and preventing crimes. However, the link between some officers with criminals is a blotch on the reputation of the Kerala police.

It is not good that police officers are having relations with communal elements. Similarly, having relations with the mafia and goons and providing help to them will endanger the peaceful lives of the common people. Offers of money and other things are the main reason attracting police officers to these anti-social elements. Those who have less sense of responsibility fall for such offers pretty quickly.

If complaints arise from the public against such erring officers, the authorities must see to it that quick action is taken against them. Recently, the criticism that the criminalization of the police force is taking place is becoming widespread. Secret records kept by the police itself reveal that the number of such tainted officers has crossed a thousand.

If the police are to provide genuine service to the people, then they must be honest and neutral in performing their duties.

The Chief Minister’s reminder that the police must not have links with criminals is very significant in today’s situation. The responsibility to block big forces that are capable to destroy the peaceful life of the people rests with the police force. The consequences of some selfish officers continuing this unholy relationship with these forces will be devastating.

It is reminded frequently that the police must behave politely with the people. This is because the police are frequently caught misbehaving with the public. The truth is that a police station is still a place where a common man fears entering.

The sale and use of drugs and cybercrime are rising at an alarming rate in the state. The sand mafia is also widespread. The mafia’s link with the police is well known. The Chief Minister’s guideline to take action against organized crime reflects this concern.

The announcement that every police officer will be given modern training must be implemented as soon as possible. There are lockup torture and custodial death when there are strict rules not to use third-degree interrogation. Action must be initiated to legally punish the officers involved in such crimes. The guilty must be punished at all costs even if he or she is a police officer.

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