BJP’s 20,000 votes went for congress in Kasargod


KASARGOD: The Right Front assessed that the UDF obtained 20,000 votes of the BJP in the Kasargod Lok Sabha constituency. This information was obtained at the final scrutiny of the UDF. They evaluated that they obtained the votes of BJP in Kasargod, Manjeswaram, Thrikkaripur and some areas of two constituencies in Kannur. Front leaders say that as the activists were sure that the victory of BJP candidate Ravisha Tantri was not that easy and in order to defeat the CPM, they voted for Rajmohan Unnithan. The BJP votes which went for Unnithan have upset the LDF. Unnithan is confident of a win by 5000 votes after some votes of the BJP have gone to them. Another great expectation of the UDF is the unification of Muslim votes. In the KPCC meet convened the other day, the UDF’s win in Kasargod was affirmed.