How settlement talks between Binoy Balakrishnan’s mother and woman failed


MUMBAI: Mumbai-based advocate K P Sreejith has said that Binoy Balakrishna’s mother held direct talks with the woman and the talks happened in his presence.

“The talks were held at his Mumbai office and Binoy Kodiyeri, his mother Vinodini and the complainant woman were present. Therefore, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s claim that he was unware of the matter is not true. Kodiyeri went by his son’s words and averred that it was a blackmailing case.

The woman, a Bihar native, sent a legal notice to Binoy last December. It was after this Vinodini went to Mumbai for compromise talks with the woman.

Vinodini arrived on April 18 for talks. Ten days after this, Binoy reached Mumbai and held talks with the woman. Producing certain certificates as proof, she demanded a compensation of Rs 5 crore. Her child also was with her then.

Since Vinodini didn’t know Hindi, she could not converse well with the woman. Vinodini also said that the woman’s claim was baseless and her intention was just blackmailing his son for money.

Later when Binoy arrived for talks, he said he was not the father of the child and he won’t be able to give Rs 5 crore. The compromise talk failed at this point of the talks. After this, I called up Kodiyeri and apprised him about the seriousness of the matter but he also echoed his son’s stand.

However, the woman stuck to her stand that the child belonged to Binoy Kodiyeri and she was ready for DNA test.

As soon he was told about the DNA test, he reacted angrily and the compromise talk had to be left midway,” he explained, adding that both parties had produced various documents to substantiate their claims.