We want justice, says protesting students, principal not aware of anything


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The principal of the University College said that he was not aware of the clash that broke out in the college. The principal said that he will investigate the matter and then give a reply. Meantime, the students of the college staged a protest seeking the arrest of the attackers who are still inside the college. The principal restricted the media from entering the college. The principal said that as admission process is going on, he was not aware of the incident.

Goondaism is going on under the leadership of the unit committee and the leadership is attacking their own activists with swords and knives, alleged the students. The students said the atrocities of the SFI had been going on for years and is a continuation of that seen yesterday and today. The attack started for singing in the canteen, the student said.

Akhil, who was stabbed is undergoing treatment in the hospital. He was stabbed during a clash between students. The clash started when questioned for singing in the canteen. Goons from outside reached the campus. The students are protesting against the SFI leadership.