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Sunday, 14 April 2024 7.42 PM IST

Today is Radio day; radio is 'kinfolk' for Subramanian


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In 1962, when he was studying at Aruvikara school, M Subramaniam also went to the house near the school after knowing that they had bought a radio, but could not see it in the crowd of locals. However, an image was given by the locals and it never left after that. He got a radio for the first time in 1972 when he got a job as a clerk in the revenue department. A second-hand radio from Bush company was bought for Rs 62 from the first salary of Rs 182. You had to book and wait to buy a new one those days.

From then till today, not a single day has passed without a radio. The songs and programs flowing from it are charming. Not even on the wedding day did he part with it. For 73-year-old Subramaniam at Saravanabhavan, Ezhukone in Karakulam, radio is like a 'kinfolk'. There are four in the house. If the power goes off, the battery radio will turn on. Starting the day by turning on the FM radio at 5 am and listening to 'Venkateswara Suprabhatam'. And when night falls, his wife Shantakumari has to quarrel to turn it off. Subramaniam is a favorite listener of Akashvani. Appreciation and suggestions about the programs will be written every week. If it is a detailed letter, an auto will be taken and the letter will be delivered directly to Akashvani station. The letter about the 'Ormacheppu' program which was aired yesterday has been prepared. He will go to Akashvani with it tomorrow. He gets very happy and proud when they read his letter in the 'ezhuthupetti'.

He also participates in competitions organized by Aakashvani for listeners. A radio was given as a prize when the winner of the note of enjoyment competition was held under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture in connection with the 'Vayalum Veedum' program.His father's radio vibe was also passed on to his son Srinath. During his studies, Srinath became a theater artist in Akashvani.

Once he starts talking about his first radio experience, he never stops talking about it, it's like Akashvani... When his wife Shantakumari laughed hearing this, Subramaniam also joined in. Shanthakumari also loves the radio now.

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