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Saturday, 03 June 2023 9.26 PM IST

'Double MA' for the taste in this 'Thattukada'


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Rajalakshmi was not ready to be upset that she did not get any job despite being a double MA holder. Rajalakshmi, who has bravely faced all the challenges raised by her destiny, has progressed through the path, and the Thattukada that she started at Paruthipara, Thiruvananthapuram, is now a favorite place for foodies. This 60-year-old is the all-in-all at the food stall, doing everything from cooking. As brilliant in cooking as she was in her studies, the proof that all of her dishes are double-strong in terms of taste is the foodies flocking here even from other districts.

Rajalakshmi, who broke up with her husband who broke all her dreams, is now happy even though she had to lose her own house to hold on. She is getting back what was lost once through her food stall. There are four employees. By 5 pm, Rajalakshmi reaches the Thattukada near the back gate of MG college. Rajalakshmi was also approached to manage the canteen in the college after the dishes at Thattukada became a hit.

Rajalakshmi, the daughter of Bhanumathi Amma and Raghavan Pillai of Kottarakkara, studied at a parallel college and acquired all her degrees. Meanwhile, her marriage happened. Her husband was a fabrication filter in Pune. She got a job as an office assistant in her husband's company. The job was in a higher position than her husband's. Her husband's mother did not like this. They resisted.
She returned home when she was two months pregnant. A son was born. Rajalakshmi was advised by many to leave her husband who did not let her work, despite being educated. After a few days, she came back to Poona thinking that her husband would change his mind but that did not happen. She came back home with her husband. The husband returned to Pune on the 18th day after the second child was born and never came back. Meanwhile, Rajalakshmi was devastated to learn that her husband had burnt her certificates. After getting divorced, she made cakes, soap, incense sticks, and lotion and brought up her children with the money she got by selling them from house to house. Meanwhile, she got a job as a secretary in a women's cooperative bank. But she lost her job when she had a debt of 990,000 rupees due to a scam. She sold her own house to settle that liability. She became a cashier in the MG college canteen with the help of her sister Sita Lakshmi, who was a lab assistant in the college.

Thattukada was started 12 years ago. Son Ragesh is a sound engineer. Debts from her daughter Ragi's marriage are also cleared now. Rajalakshmi's next dream is to own a house.

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