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Wednesday, 04 October 2023 6.30 PM IST

‘I lost eight sovereigns of gold due to Mamukkoya,' Innocent once said


Mamukkoya and Innocent are two stars very close to the Malayalees. The deaths of both the actors, who shone equally in character and comedy roles, are a great loss for the Malayalam film industry. Innocent used to share his amusing experiences with Mamukkoya in Kaumudy TV's Innocent Stories. The actor spoke about an incident that happened without the knowledge of Mamukkoya.

‘A film directed by Priyadarshan. The shooting was at AVM studio in Chennai. I played a police officer in this film. I removed my chain and ring and gave it to makeup man Chandran before the makeup started. He kept that safely in his makeup box. There were two rings and a chain worth eight sovereigns. Chandran told me that it will be safe here and asked me to go. He said that he will lock the room and go. In the meanwhile, Mamukkoya came there. As he was sleeping there, the makeup man was not able to lock the room. I also told him not to lock the room. Later when Mamukkoya saw me, he told me that he was not able to sleep properly. He said that he heard a sound and when opened his eyes saw a person standing in front of him with a suitcase. When that person started his vehicle, the suitcase fell down and then Mamukkoya took it and gave it to him. Hearing this, makeup man Chandran sat down. The suitcase Mamukoya gave him had my gold in it,’ said Innocent.

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