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Friday, 01 March 2024 10.33 AM IST

Vegetable prices skyrocketing; family budget in disarray


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The family budget of the common man is in disarray after the prices of vegetables and fruits rose exponentially soon after the sharp rise in prices of fish and poultry. The prices of daily necessities have risen sharply in a month.

In Horticorp, the price of eggplant rose from 49 to 75 in two weeks. One kg eggplant costs Rs 85 in the public market. The price of ginger has risen from Rs 120 to Rs 240 in the public market. Chillies cost Rs 110 in the public market and Rs 96 in Horticorp. The price of button onion rose by around Rs 21 in two weeks. Even coriander leaves, which were included in the vegetable kit for free, have to be purchased for money. Traders are saying that the current situation is due to widespread crop failure due to summer in the neighbouring states.

The price of fish has gone up following the imposition of trawling. Most of the fish imported from other states are either stale or contain deadly poisons. Many people realize that fish is stale only after paying a high price and bringing it home. One has to pay 200 rupees for Netholi which was bought for 100 rupees two weeks ago. Tuna is priced at Rs 500 per kg. Navara costs Rs 360, Mackerel- Rs 400 and Prawns- Rs 600.

Horticorp is selling vegetables at relatively low prices. However, it is unable to control the public market prices of vegetables coming from other states. It is alleged that the government is unable to control prices as its market intervention is ineffective. Although the agriculture department claims that domestic vegetable production has increased, this is not reflected in the public market.

Price of vegetables (per kg).

Yesterday's Horticorp price (Horticorp price one month ago in bracket) ---- public market price

Brinjal- 65 (47 )----70 to 75
Eggplant: 75 (49 ) ---75 -78
Ladies' finger: 43 (23 ) ----55-58
Bitter gourd:82(79 ) ----90-95
Button onion: 69(48 ) ---90 -92
Big Chilli: 96 (55 )--- 110-115
Ginger: 198(120 )---240-260
Carrot :99(55 )--- 110-130
Cucumber:35 (22 ) -----,55-65
Tomato :49(27 ) ---55 -60
Cauliflower:79(57 ) --82-85
Drumstick :79(37 )-----80 -85
Beetroot:42 (27 ) ----60 -65
Coriander : 127(69 ) ---155-160

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