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Thursday, 30 November 2023 12.48 AM IST

There is no corruption, I am being hunted; CM responds to controversies including 'monthly quota'


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan finally broke his silence on the recent controversies surrounding his government as he responded to the months-long allegations related to K-FON and the black sand mining company. The Chief Minister, who responded to the allegations raised by the opposition, accused the opposition of hunting him.

Denying the allegations, the Chief Minister dismissed the opposition's demand for an investigation. In protest, the opposition boycotted the assembly. While the camera deal was raised by PC Vishnunath, Roji M. John raised the matter K-FON in the House during the discussion of the grant request.

1. Monthly quota
It seems that CM, who has not responded to the allegation of a monthly quota of Rs 1.72 crores, is frightened: Mathew Kuzhalnadan

CM's reply
"I am denying this allegation. An order of a quasi-judicial nature was passed by three central government officials. The opposition is raising the allegation based on a reference in the settlement order. CMRL is just one of the many business partners of Exalogic Company. Exalogic has received remuneration as part of a legal agreement. It has also paid taxes on this. This is shown in the return. Is there any law or regulation that prevents an entrepreneur from entering into a contract or doing business just because she is related to a politician?" the CM said.

2. K-FON
The cost of K-FON is Rs 1028 crores. However, the contract was awarded for Rs 1528 crores. This means that there is a loss of Rs 500 crores to the state. KSEB itself alleged that Chinese-made optical cable was illegally used: VD Satheesan and Roji M John

CM's reply
"The administrative sanction was given for Rs 1,028.20 crore, including the cost of completion of the project and maintenance cost of Rs 104 crore for one year. The tender process was taken up covering seven years of operation and maintenance costs. In this way, the maintenance cost will be Rs 728 crore. However, BEL quoted Rs 363 crore for this purpose. The consortium was given permission to implement the project for Rs 1,628.35 crore by including this and GST.

3. AI camera

The government did not take up a tender for quality cameras at a low price. Instead, it gave the project to a company like SRIT. They got Rs 9 crores for nothing. This is corruption: PC Vishnunath

Minister Rajeev's reply
"It is alleged that Rs 232 crores was spent on the project, which was supposed to cost 70 crores. This is wrong. There were two propositions. Boot model, where contractors spend the entire amount, and capex model, where the government spends. The boot model was chosen where there is no liability for the government. The government must spend 75 crores in the capex model. Later, 100 engineers will need to be hired. This will be a liability. The cost of the boot model is 150 crores. Contractors will spend this. Later, after negotiation, administrative approval was given for Rs 232 crore including an expense of Rs 162 crore and operational expenditure of Rs 66 crore. There is no corruption or irregularity in this," Rajeev said.

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