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Sunday, 03 March 2024 7.53 AM IST

Pathetic state of roads and bridges in Sabarimala route awaits pilgrims with two weeks left for season


KANJIRAPALLY: With two weeks left for the Sabarimala pilgrimage, the devotees have a tough road ahead of them if they want to reach Erumeli, the main stop. Pilgrims coming from Tamil Nadu through the national highway reach Kanjirapalli and then take a turn to Erumeli.

The bridge that collapsed at Kanjirapally 26th mile was temporarily repaired and opened to passengers. Hundreds of pilgrim vehicles have to pass through this bridge which can collapse at any moment. People's representatives including the MLA say that a new bridge will be built and the money will be allocated for it but nothing is materialized.

Thousands of devotees visit Erumeli as there is no other stop on the pilgrimage route that is so important and so visited by so many devotees. Yet every year the devotees who reach Kanjirapalli and Erumeli are troubled with inconveniences.

Forest overgrows into roads

From the beginning of the high range road starting from Mundakayam 35th mile to Kuttikanam, both sides of the road are covered with overgrown trees and bushes. This can obscure the vision of vehicle drivers and cause accidents. The crash barriers are also covered with plants. There are many steep descents and turns. Many accidents happen here every year. Most of the accidents happen to those who do not know the road. To avoid this, it is necessary to take security precautions on a war-time basis. Many of the hazard warning lights are not working.

Traffic jam
The traffic jam at Kanjirapalli is another misery faced by the pilgrims. The regular traffic jam runs from Kurishupally junction to the 26th mile. Sometimes it takes hours to travel this distance. No one has an answer to the question of what will happen during the pilgrimage. The proposed bypass has been touted for decades as the solution. This is like a fairy tale for the locals.

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