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Monday, 17 June 2024 9.32 PM IST

Mystery over picture as AI system prints photo of woman who wasn't actually inside car


KANNUR: In an absurd turn of events, the challan issued following a traffic violation detected by AI camera has the picture of a woman who wasn't inside the vehicle. Adithyan, a native of Cheruvathur's Kaithakkad, was fined for driving without wearing a seat belt. The picture was captured on a camera installed in Payyannur. The picture in the notice also shows the figure of another woman in the back seat of the car. But Adithyan and his family say that such a person was not in the car.

The motor vehicle department is also confused by the fact that the figure of the person who was not in the vehicle was printed on the challan. On the way from Cheruvathur to Payyannur, the violation was detected by the AI camera in Kelothu. Adithyan, his mother and sister in the car were not wearing seat belts. There were two children in the back seat of the car. They are not seen in the picture in the challan. Another woman can be seen sitting in the back seat. But there was no such person in the car.

The motor vehicle department concluded that this could be the reflection of the woman sitting in the front seat. Or it is suspected that the image of a woman in another vehicle captured by the AI camera may have been imprinted in the challan received by Adithyan due to a technical error. The department has inquired with Keltron in this regard.

Various discussions are rife about the female in the car. There is a campaign going on in the social media that the figure of a ghost is captured in the picture. A fake audio is also circulating that it is the appearance of a woman who died in the area recently.

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