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Wednesday, 29 November 2023 10.45 AM IST

'Centre trying to squeeze state, Kerala moving forward'; Nava Kerala Sadas begins in Manjeshwar


KASARGOD: For the first time in the history of the state, the Chief Minister and the ministers got off the bus together at Manjeshwar, marking the beginning of the Nava Kerala Sadas, the mass outreach programme of the state government. In the upcoming days, the state cabinet will go together to the remaining 139 constituencies. The concerned officials will receive the complaints of the people. Issues that need to be resolved soon will be resolved. The remaining will be resolved in a timely manner. The Chief Minister and the Ministers of the respective departments will intervene in issues that need to be resolved. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday inaugurated the state-level Nava Kerala Sadas in the presence of a huge crowd.

The Chief Minister said that despite the central government's efforts to economically squeeze and destroy the state, it has not been able to stop the progress of Kerala's development.

"There has been a shortfall of more than Rs 57,000 crore in what is due from the Centre. This is an example of how the Centre is looking at a state with hostility," the CM said.

Criticizing the BJP-led Modi government for supporting Israel, the Chief Minister alleged that the Israeli Zionists and the RSS were of the same mindset.

"Secularism is being challenged in the country. Religious extremists are on the loose. Attempts are being made to bring the federal state into a presidential system. A slogan of 'one language, one religion, one tax, one personal law, one election' is being raised by destroying diversities. This is a strategy to hide the main problems of the country. BJP is also following the economic policy implemented by Congress. At least now the Congress should be ready to say that it was wrong in the policy of globalization," he said.

"Before 2016, the people of Kerala were deeply disappointed. The Left Front came to power at a time when everyone thought that there would be no change. The condition of national highways has improved. Today, people know that everything will be completed on time. If the UDF government was ruling Kerala today, there would have been no change in the state. FForces opposed to the interest of the state want to belittle the government's achievements. Campaigning against the Nava Kerala Sadas is a part of it. There is no point in advising the opposition to become smart," he added.

Criticism for Congress, pat on shoulder for League

"Nava Kerala Sadas is purely a government programme. The Chief Secretary gave the welcome speech. However, the UDF barred the Manjeshwar MLA from attending the programme. The MLA of the constituency should have been here taking up the role of the organizer. The MLA would not think of hiding in a corner when thousands of people of Manjeshwar gather here. The League leadership will not have that stance either. It was the Congress that insisted that it would not cooperate with the Nava Kerala Sadas. The opposition MLAs can only comply with the instructions given by the UDF leadership. However, the huge participation of the public here shows that the people beyond the LDF have taken up this program," the CM said.

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