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Friday, 23 February 2024 8.01 PM IST

Finally! Engineering exams may go online in Kerala


The government is seriously considering the entrance examination commissioner's proposal to conduct the engineering entrance examination online in the state. if everything fits the deal, the new proposal will be in effect from the next year. It is a shame that the rule took all this time to materialise since it is by no means leisure work for faculties and students to engage in the written format examination that has now gone redundant. If the all-India medical entrance exam, where 10,200,000 candidates appear, can be conducted online without objection, there is nothing wrong in emulating the same for the engineering entrance exam, where one lakh students appear every year for tests.

Convenience is paramount in today’s time and technology will only ease the business of conducting examinations without any impediment. The Commissioner of Entrance Examination has prescribed a single examination of 300 marks. As the department still lacks the online requirements to conduct the examination in one go, the engineering examinations will be probably conducted in a phased manner. If the 'NEET' exam can be conducted in one day all over India, the engineering entrance exam can be done here too. However, something is dragging the authorities down from conducting the exams in a single phase.

Conducting exams, announcing results and administration process takes mostly three months with today’s arrangement. With the exams going online, the results will be announced in just days’ time, ending the long hassle for administration works. Students will also have enough time to deliberate and choose the department of their liking rather than be pressured to opt for one due to time restraints. Now the engineering admission process starts in the month of May and ends at the end of October. The first two months will be spent on examination and publication of results.

Every competitive exam in India is now being conducted online. Due to the squeezing of amenities during COVID time, even first-standard students have become familiar with the perks of online use in academics. Many states have made all entrance exams computer-based. Even though Kerala boast about its literacy prowess, the state always makes it certain to be the last in adapting to newer technologies.

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