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Monday, 27 May 2024 11.55 PM IST

Abigail's abductors within 25 km radius; police ramps up search


KOLLAM: 24 hours have passed since Abigail Sara returned home to people who were waiting for her with bated breath. Eclipsing this mirth comes the fact that police officials still haven’t received any concrete evidence on the whereabouts of the gang that abducted the six-year-old child.

A lady wearing a yellow churidar came to Asramam Maidan with the child and sneaked away without anyone noticing. This comes at a time when the police were rummaging every nook and corner of the city in search of the gang. The abduction and return took place within a maximum radius of 25 km within 20 hours.

After Abigail was found, the woman who was taken into custody was released due to lack of evidence. On Tuesday police said they received CCTV footage of the Honda Amaze car used by the gang passing through Kalluvathukkal to the Chirakkara area late at night. Yesterday, the surveillance camera footage of the nearby places was also collected, but the information has been withheld. On the suspicion that the gang may have travelled through some of the back roads in the area and stayed at a house that night, investigations are also being conducted at the houses in the area.

After abducting her from Oyoor, Abigail said she was brought to Kollam the next day in a blue car, but this car was not identified. All the surveillance cameras on the roads in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts where the kidnapping gang is suspected to have travelled are being checked. Two additional SPs are in charge of this.

The investigation team has asked the company that manufactured the number plate of the Honda Amaze car to inform them about details on the owners. The preliminary conclusion is that Abigail was kidnapped by an unprofessional criminal gang. The gang members are Malayalis. From the dialect, it was learned that the woman involved in the gang is a Kollam native.

Who are the accused?

1. Those hostile to Abigail's father

2. Those who have previously committed similar offences

3. Those who were in the tower location at the time of the incident

Abigail is under observation at Victoria Hospital, Kollam. Police will take permission from the medical board to talk with Abigail, so as to bring out more facts about the gang.

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