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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 3.22 AM IST

Came, Saw, Conquered! Modi magic works wonders across Hindi heartland


NEW DELHI: BJP is beaming with confidence after a dominant display on Sunday, wresting power in three crucial states. With the Lok Sabha elections only months away, the BJP is now seated in a position to call the shots across the Hindi heartland. The Super Sunday victory has given the necessary elixir for the saffron party as leaders are confident of a third term for PM Modi but are aware not to step into complacency.

This astounding win across the Hindi heartland needs a place in the BJP vault of epic election wins since in all three states, the BJP never announced their CM candidate which was a far cry approach from their previously tried methods. Even the Congress had not picked a face for CM in the three states but people were more or less clear about who the leaders would be. The case was entirely different with the BJP as they never uttered any word about the CM face. Albeit the arduous work from party workers, it was majorly, the one-man show from PM Narendra Modi that settled the results for BJP in the three states

Winning Chhattisgarh was never on BJP's tarot card and when the results were announced, it was an added gallop of joy for party workers. Union minister Mansukh Mandaviya who was in charge of the state did tremendous work and he was even stationed in the state missing the Diwali celebrations back at home in Saurashtra. These people are not party workers but union ministers who are stuffed up with busy schedules all year. Still, the heart to put in serious work for the betterment of the party is simply matchless.

The micromanagement in elections done in precision by BJP top brass was inimitable. PM Modi picked up current MPs from parliament and made them candidates in both Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and even in Chhattisgarh. Nothing faltered and the MPs roped in by Modi did the trick. Congress tried to emulate the Karnataka victory model in the Hindi heartlands and failed miserably. Even many leaders have blamed the conceited mindset among many party workers for the loss.

Contrarian voices will emerge from the BJP victory, and critical dissection to blame the saffron party will continue in the coming days. However, the three victories tell us one thing: Empty slogans are the things of the past and people just crave development. So, the picture is getting ready for Lok Sabha 2024.

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