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Monday, 04 March 2024 1.40 PM IST

Kerala cabinet greenlights streamlined land ownership rules for industrial ventures


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Cabinet, convening in Thrissur has sanctioned amendments to streamline the acquisition of title deeds for government-owned land in industrial estates. This move aims to simplify the transfer of ownership rights for entrepreneurs. Implemented under the Land Allotment and Assignment for Industrial Purposes Rules-2023, these amendments await final approval from the Revenue Department.

The revised rules empower Collectors to process title deed applications without restrictions, enabling faster land transfers for new business ventures—an ongoing demand from entrepreneurs. Previously, the 1964 government notification governed land titles in industrial estates, necessitating a lengthy procedure involving application submissions to the Revenue Department through General Managers and the Director of the Industries Department. However, delays persisted in granting these titles.

To address this issue, an order was issued in 2020 allowing the grant of title deeds through Tehsildars upon the consideration of applications submitted directly by General Managers to District Collectors. Nonetheless, the Collectors faced limitations in granting titles due to a lack of statutory support.

The Land Assignment Act of 1960 now underpins the implementation of new land rules, facilitating swifter land transfers for industrial purposes. Notable changes include:

1. Uniform pricing: The new rule mandates that land buyers pay the same price to the government as the initial purchaser. This eliminates additional costs and a 10 percent processing fee.

2. Timing of transfer: Land transfers can occur after three years from the land allotment, rather than the previous prerequisite of three years of production.

3. Structural and enterprise changes: After three years from the allotment, enterprises can alter their structure or start new ventures. Formerly, structural changes were only permissible after three years of production.

Additionally, the revised title deed (Form D-VII) only specifies the industrial activity without detailing the specific initiative, removing the necessity for a change in title even if the industry shifts to a different sector (e.g., from fish processing to match-making).

These amendments empower entrepreneurs by simplifying land acquisition processes and providing greater flexibility in altering industrial ventures. The modifications are anticipated to catalyse quicker industrial growth and economic development in Kerala.

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