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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 3.05 AM IST

"He lashed out against system after Vandana's murder, today a woman is no more because of him": Protests erupt against Dr Ruwais


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Protests have erupted against Dr EA Ruwais, who is accused of abetting Dr Shahna's suicide, on social media. On the complaint of Shahna's family, the police had taken Ruwais into custody under the charge of abetment of suicide and the Dowry Prohibition Act. The family had alleged that Dr Shahna committed suicide after she could not pay the dowry demanded by Ruwais and his family.

Dr Ruwais, who is currently in custody, is also the president of the PG Medical Students Association. Netizens allege that Ruwais and his parents negotiated a price to marry a young doctor whom he fell in love with. A video of Ruwais lashing out against the system is also circulating on social media when Dr Vandana was stabbed to death by a violent drunken man in the hospital months ago.

"The person who protested against the system then has caused the death of a girl", a comment on social media reads. Prominent lawyer Sreejith Perumana took to social media to respond to the issue. Sreejith Perumana's response was by sharing the screenshot of a video of Ruwais' reaction to the media when Dr. Vandana was stabbed to death in the hospital.

"A few months ago, when Dr. Vandana was stabbed to death in the hospital by a violent drunken man, I saw this video of his rant against the system. The second image is a screenshot of the comment under the video news. 'He is a man, people like him should come into politics... Kerala should be fixed,' the comment reads".

"Even after offering 50 sovereign gold, 15 acres and a car, it was not enough. They insisted on 150 sovereign, 15 acres of land and a BMW car. This will amount to around Rs 20 crores. As per allegations, Ruwais and his parents negotiated a price of Rs 20 crores to marry a young doctor girl whom he fell in love with."

"The woman passed MBBS and is doing PG. The person who was supposed to be a PG doctor after a few months has become a memory today. Just like how the man passed MBBS and got PG. Only because she is a woman, she has to pay 20 crores to get married. That too a person who was her lover,"- Sreejith Perumana wrote on Facebook.

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