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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 11.47 PM IST

16 deaths and hundreds injured; Reason for delay in Pakistan election results?


ISLAMABAD: Days after the election, the counting of votes has not been completed to determine who is the winner in Pakistan. Only one-fourth of the votes have been counted in the country, where the final results are expected by this morning. With the delay in the announcement of the results, even the credibility of the election process is being questioned in the country.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the delay in counting of votes was due to poor internet availability. Special Secretary of the Commission Zafar Iqbal said that polling officers have been asked to take necessary steps to release the results as soon as possible. But he said that the problem of internet is a challenge.

16 people were killed and many injured in Pakistan on election day. In the background of widespread violence, strict orders were issued, including cutting off the Internet in the country. In a note released this morning, the Ministry of Home Affairs also stated that the delay in the result was due to problems in internet access. Neither the party nor the party of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is currently in jail, was allowed to contest the election. Then his followers contested the elections independently. Imran's followers are ahead in the results that have come out so far.

134 seats are required to form the government alone. Imran's supporters got 46 seats, Nawaz Sharif's party got 38 seats and Pakistan People's Party got 31 seats. Pakistan does not usually have a habit of delaying the announcement of election results.

Delaying election results in a country facing economic crisis is creating more crisis. There is a strong feeling among the people of Pakistan that the delay in the final result is the possibility of a subversion of the election results.

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