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Monday, 27 May 2024 2.59 AM IST

Salaries of govt employees to be credited into accounts from Monday on priority basis


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The government is in a hurry to start the salary distribution of the employees today. Investments in Kerala Bank and other profit-making government institutions were sought for this purpose. The government has been reportedly able to find the money to start distribution.

Today is the third working day of the month. A total of 2.75 lakh employees are to be paid in one to three working days. If the required amount is not available, priority will be given to those who are paid on the first working day.

Disbursement could be completed only on the 12th day as the salary could not be paid on the first two working days. Rs 4122 crore received from the Centre as allocation for Kerala on March 1 is the only the only hope. Although the finance department explains that the money has reached the treasury and the salary was delayed due to a technical problem in transferring it to the bank account, the reason for the crisis is the lack of money.

Rs 5600 crore is required for salary and pension. Treasury is in overdraft and more money cannot be withdrawn. As it is the end of the financial year, money must be found for other expenses. The Finance Minister says that Rs 13,600 crores due from the Centre has not been received.

97000 people will get the salaries on priority basis

512000: Total Employees

3330 crores: Total salary amount

2.75 Lakhs: Those who are due to get their salary in the first 3 days

2400 crores: Amount to be paid to 2.75 lakh people

97000 persons: those who are to be paid on the first day

1600 crores: Amount to be distributed on the first day

The salaries of the chief minister and ministers have reached their accounts. Chief Minister and Ministers are paid through Treasury Savings Bank Account. However, employees are paid through the Employees Treasury Savings Bank (ETSB) account. These accounts are frozen due to non-payment due to technical glitch.

Salary disbursement order

  • First working day: Land revenue, excise, vehicle tax, sale tax, other tax departments, Chief Electoral Inspectorate, stamps, registration, legislature, elections, institutions under the general administration department, law department, jails, police and fire force, stationery and printing, insurance, Harijan Welfare, municipalities, water transportation
  • Second day: Department of education, medical and public health.
  • Third day: Agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, cooperation, industry, scientific departments, labour, rural development, statistics, port, civil supplies, dairy development

Secretariat Action Council to stage strike

Secretariat Action Council convener MS Irshad said that they will start an indefinite hunger strike from 11 am today to protest against the withholding of salaries. It is a confederation of organizations like Kerala Secretariat Association, Kerala Finance Secretariat Association, Kerala Law Secretariat Association, Kerala Legislature Secretariat Employees Organization.

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