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Saturday, 15 June 2024 4.52 PM IST

'That video, most painful incident in my life'; Binu Admiali gets emotional while responding to allegations


Last day, photographer Jinesh came forward with serious allegations against actor and mimicry artist Binu Adimali. Jinesh accused Binu of attacking him and destroying his camera. In yet another statement, Jinesh opened up about Binu Adimali’s craving for publicity and juxtaposed this with the actor's visit to late mimicry artist Sudhi’s house, which he termed a publicity stunt.

For the first time after the allegation, Binu Adimali came with a response to an interview allowed to a private online channel.

Binu Adimali:

I purposefully avoided watching that news about me. Because If I do so, I will end up devastated. I met Jinesh during a television show. He was a photographer and he came to me suggesting that he will manage my social media page. It was also an effort by Jinesh to find some popular page to advertise his photography.

The same Jinesh who came to manage my page later misused it several times and even changed the passwords without my knowing. One day he even asked me whether I was interested in selling it.

Once I went on a vacation with my friends and when trying to open my account, it showed the locked sign. I asked Jinesh about it and he said the password was changed to avoid hacking attempts. Such instances were many.

I can pledge with god that no one who worked with me will have anything bad to say about me. I am not any business-minded man. My house is for sale, only to find money for my son to study abroad. Jinesh is now on a mission to shame people on Facebook who approach him to settle this issue.

He has borrowed Rs 52,000 from me and has never bothered to return it. Once he took me to Pala for inaugurating a bakery which he told me he owns. He then asked me to advertise the bakery through my Facebook page and promised revenue reaching through advertisement. To date, I haven’t received any money, and I doubt his ownership of the bakery.

But the most painful incident in my life and something unforgettable was the video which he took during a visit to Sudhi's house. It was Jinesh who forced me to visit Sudhi’s house saying that it would boost the marketing and publicity. I warned him not to talk that way and denied permission to take video during the visit.

However, after reaching back, I saw the video which he covertly took and posted on Facebook. I was shocked beyond words. For placing trust in friends I'm suffering now.

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