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Saturday, 13 April 2024 4.12 AM IST

More Malayalis on Russian mercenary force; 3 accused in custody


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Indications are that more Malayalis who were trafficked to Russia through employment fraud have been assigned to the war front. CBI has started trying to trace those who were taken by the recruiting agency. It is also reported that CBI has taken into custody 3 Malayalees who are accused in the case related to their recruitment.

The Malayali suspects are Domiraj (Tommy) at Tina Cottage near Thumpa Fatima Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, Robert Arulapan (Robo) at Kadinamkulam Thaivilakam Street in Thiruvananthapuram and Sajin Dixon at Thaivilakam Street in Puthucurichy. There are 19 accused including them.
CBI found that they recruited 35 people from different states. They were taken to Russia after charging 7 lakh rupees each. After reaching there and receiving weapons training, they were handed over to the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary force.
Prince (24), son of Sebastian and Nirmala, Vineet (23), son of Silva and Panyamma, and Tinu (25) who were brought to Russia via Sharjah on January 3, have been assigned to the war front. Prince was shot in the head on the battlefield. The tank overturned in a mine explosion and his leg was also injured. Vineet and Tinu are on the battlefield.

Prince in the hospital in Moscow stated that they were recruited by Alex, a Malayali who introduced himself as a Russian military officer. The agents extorted two and a half crore rupees from all of them. It is reported that they have trapped the youth of areas like Kadinamkulam, Thumpa and Mariyanadu. Priyan acted as the local agent. CBI has also started attempts to find them.

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