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Sunday, 19 May 2024 5.20 PM IST

'I feel like crying when I remember the songs I did in past and dress I wore in them'; do not share my glamorous photos, says Mumtaj


The song 'Paalum kudameduthu..' from the Malayalam film 'Thaandavam' is one of the popular songs back in the 2000s. Malayali audiences still remember actress Mumtaj who did an item number in that song. The actress is still known for the glamorous roles she once played in Tamil and Telugu films. However, Mumtaj recently expressed regret for doing glamorous roles in films.

Mumtaj, who left cinema some years back, is now leading an Islamic way of life. In a recent interview, she said that she felt guilty about the clothes she had worn in films. She also requested people not to share her glamorous pictures after her death.

"I have been crying at my home ever since I underwent a transformation. The mistakes that I made many years ago still come to my mind. The clothes that I wore and the songs to which I danced back then continue to haunt my mind. I'll cry whenever I remember them. I have not removed my old pictures from my social media accounts as I want my new followers to know the change that I underwent. They should not search for my older pictures on the internet. Nobody should see me in that way," Mumtaj said.

"Nobody should look at my old glamorous pictures available on Google. If I get lots of money in the future, I would like to buy the rights to the films that I did in the past and remove my pictures and videos from the internet. People should not share such pictures. That will cause difficulty for me even in my grave," she said.

"Abaya is my favourite outfit right now. The feeling of wearing Abaya is indescribable. I feel like a queen when I wear it," Mumtaj added.

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