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Sunday, 19 May 2024 7.41 PM IST

Judicial findings about breach have seriously wounded faith of Survivor; WCC with facebook post regarding actress assault case


Women in Cinema Collective-WCC with a Facebook post that the knowledge that very important information has been leaked from the memory card containing the footage of the actress' assault case is shocking. In a post shared on Facebook, the WCC pointed out that the findings of the inquiry report have not only wounded the faith of the Survivor but all women who are fighting for justice. The WCC strongly condemned the violation of the law and demanded strict punishment in the matter. W.C.C also stated that they stand with their colleague who continues her difficult battle without losing hope.

WCC's Facebook post

It is shocking to know from the State Forensic Science Laboratory about the manner in which the memory card containing visuals of the 2017 actor assault case has been accessed and leaked. Privacy is an individual’s fundamental right. How could the same judicial system that has the responsibility to safeguard her right to privacy defeat the survivor to this extent? We had great faith that the court would not allow any breach of trust or careless handling of evidence. However, the report from the Kerala Forensic Science Laboratory and the judicial findings about this breach have seriously wounded the faith of the Survivor and the many women who are awaiting justice from the courts. As she wrote, "judicial system is the last resort of each citizen of India." We believe this relentless and courageous fight of the survivor would not go unacknowledged. We condemn this serious breach and demand that severe disciplinary action be taken against everyone who has enabled this.
We stand with our colleague who is helpless in this circumstance and yet continues her difficult battle without losing hope.

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