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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 2.29 PM IST

Hari's 'moon walk' on with weak legs; boy paralyzed from waist down surprising audience with his dance moves


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: When Harikrishnan said that he wanted to be a dancer who would rock the stage, some people frowned. "Dance with weak legs?" they doubted. This ten-year-old responded by imitating Michael Jackson's 'Moon Walk' while sitting on the floor and moving his legs to either side with his hands. A video of Hari, a fan of actor Vijay, doing a 'moonwalk' to the tune of a Tamil song while sitting down had gone viral. Hari's dance in a wheelchair also drew attention.

Hari was paralyzed from the waist down within days of birth because of spinal cord problems. Treatments failed. The legs became numb. No growth according to age. Urinary incontinence due to kidney failure. His parents made him wear diapers. Meanwhile, to everyone's surprise, Hari showed interest in dance from the age of three. He began to follow the beats along with the song on TV and copy the steps while sitting. Harikrishnan moves his legs with his hands to dance and gives facial expressions to match his dance.

For the last two years, Hari has won prizes in dance, light music, poetry recitation and drawing at the special school arts festival. He is also good at studies.

He is the second son of Bindukumar, an electrician, and Bismi. He is a 5th-class student of PSNM HSS, Peroorkada. Harikrishnan's brother is Sreehari (9th class student). They live in Peroorkada Indiranagar, Thiruvananthapuram.

Costumes are mandatory

Shirt and jacket while dancing to Vijay's song...Lungi and Mund while dancing to Kadalinakkare Ponore...costumes are compulsory for Hari while dancing at home as well. Hari also aspires to be a member of Tamil actor Raghava Lawrence's dance troupe for differently-abled children.

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