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Friday, 24 May 2024 7.38 PM IST

Adimali Fatima murder: Crime-filled world of Alex and Kavita


ADIMALI: Police on Monday arrested two in the case of barging into a house and killing an aged woman while attempting a robbery. Alex (35) of Kollam Kilikollur Xaviour quarters and Kollam Decentmukku native Kavita(35) were arrested on Monday. Kavita, a married woman was Alex’s childhood friend and is currently his love interest.

Fatima (70), a resident of Neduveli East, near Adimali town, was killed between 4:45 and 6 pm on Saturday. Fatima’s son Zubair, who had gone to town, came home at seven o'clock and found his mother lying in a pool of blood. According to the police: Alex and Kavita, who came to Adimali a week ago in search of work, were staying at a nearby lodge.

In the meanwhile, the two befriended Fatima in the guise of looking for a rental house in the area. From the talks, the two keenly learned the times when Zubair left for the town. With clear planning, the two came to Fatima’s house on Saturday and asked for water. When Fatima went to the kitchen, Alex came after her and tried to break the gold chain around her neck. When the old woman screamed in fear, Kavita blocked the mouth with her hands. Alex meanwhile took a knife from the kitchen and slit Fatima’s throat. After ensuring death, they took off two bangles and a necklace from the dead body.

The two later sprinkled chilli powder inside the house and reached Adimali to sell the gold to a pawnbroker. However, to their shock, they realized that the stolen bangles were artificial gold, not any real one. But later, the necklace was sold for Rs 60,000. The two then hired a taxi and headed straight to Kothamangaklam. Midway through the journey, the vehicle halted at Neriamangalam and Alex walked into a bar.

After reaching Kothamangalam, they reached Ernakulam via Aluva by bus and stayed at the lodge. On the next morning, they headed straight to Palakkad but noticed their images circulating on Facebook. This forced them to soon enter a beauty salon and do a complete makeover.

Meanwhile, on Sunday afternoon, with the help of Palakkad ASP Ashwathi GG, the police arrested both of them from Kuzhalmannam area. The clues given by the car driver who brought them to Kothamangalam and the mobile number obtained from the money transfer firm helped the police reach the accused.

Kavita is married and the mother of a 12-year-old child. Alex has a wife and two children. He has worked as a driver at ESA Hospital in Kilikollur. It was recently that Alex met Kavitha again after school. They decided to leave their families behind and live a life together. Soon, both of them headed to Bengaluru and started living there.

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