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Tuesday, 28 May 2024 4.57 PM IST

‘Even if account is frozen, Suresh Gopi will not win'; CM challenges Modi to present the progress report 


THRISSUR: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan replied to the Prime Minister in the Karuvannur Cooperative Bank fraud case. The chief minister alleged that the BJP has its own attitude towards Kerala's cooperative sector and that is to destroy Kerala. The Prime Minister's statement that there was a setback in the borrowing limit is wrong, said the chief minister while convening the press meet in Thrissur.

'The BJP is showing a very hostile approach towards Kerala. During the demonetization time, there was an attempt to hunt down the cooperative sector in Kerala. However, the Kerala government stood by the cooperative sector then. The specialty of the cooperative sector in Kerala is that it has earned the trust of the people and that is why crores of transactions are done in every cooperative bank. The co-operative sector has progressed well so far but we know that humans lead everything.

The reason for the problems is the misguided attitude of some people. No compromise will be given to them. The department and the government are taking strict action against such people. It cannot be said that every co-operative sector is like that after an incident has occurred. Those who commit crimes will be punished. The government is taking the same action in the case of Karuvannur. About Rs.117 crores have been repaid to investors in Karuvannur. The bank is now dealing with clear transactions. Those who have committed corruption will not be helped', said the chief minister.

The BJP will think that freezing the accounts of the CPM will save Suresh Gopi. However, the election work of the CPM is with the contribution of the people. No one can stop it. If the account of Thrissur District Committee is frozen to help Suresh Gopi, then it will not happen. He also clarified that their work will be done more actively here. Suresh Gopi will not win in Thrissur, the chief minister said.

‘BJP's manifesto was released the other day. It is full of communal agenda. The Prime Minister arrived in Kerala and spoke about the 'Progress Report'. However, the BJP does not have the courage to present the 10-year progress report and face the people. The main promises were the announcement of implementing one country one election and single civil code. While the promises of the last two Lok Sabha elections remain the same, the BJP touts Ram Temple, CAA and the removal of Kashmir's special status as achievements. After releasing the manifesto, the prime minister claimed that the aim is to empower the four strong pillars of a developed India - youth, women, poor and farmers. What kind of empowerment has happened in ten years?

How can we empower farmers by remaining silent on support prices, guarantee of procurement, farmer suicides and loan waivers recommended by the Swaminathan Commission? The 2014 election manifesto promised debt relief to farmers and farm workers. The Modi government has not given a single rupee of debt relief till date.

Allocations to agriculture are constantly being cut. The budget allocation for all major schemes for farmers has been cut. Allocations for procurement, crop insurance, food fertilizer subsidies and employment guarantee scheme have also been cut. How can this be empowering? In 2019 it said "One house for every Indian by 2022". What happened to that promise? The 2024 manifesto is completely silent on it, the chief minister added.

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