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Friday, 24 May 2024 6.29 PM IST

'I don't know if I can say it, it may be based on the intelligence report he received'...


NDA candidate in Thrissur, Suresh Gopi, commenced his tour through villages in the Cherp Constituency by visiting the Cherp Bhagavathi temple. Thousands, including children, old people and women, eagerly awaited him in Vettukadu, Chennaipara and Mullakkara.

He waved to everyone from an open vehicle adorned with a shoulder-length shawl and the people reciprocated warmly. Suresh Gopi shared his experiences with Kerala Kaumudi about the final phase of the campaign when he reached Thrissur city during a break in the tour.

People's reaction?

It was a great experience when we started campaigning in an open vehicle through the interior villages. People cheered from every house. I see it as a 'thumbs up'.

Campaigning was done in Thrissur for a few days during the last parliamentary elections. But it's been more than a few days now. Although the body is tired, the energy given by the people is indescribable.

Wasn't the speech made by the Prime Minister when he finally reached Kunnamkulam was a big discussion...

The mental energy given by the Prime Minister is not only for me but for all of Kerala. The entire state wants victory in Thrissur. The Prime Minister gave energy to all the NDA candidates in Kerala. The important thing is the declaration that the fraudsters of Karuvannur will not be spared. He issued a stern warning. Financial malpractice has taken place in cooperative banks in Kerala. These fraudsters should have been apprehended in 2016 itself. Then, he spoke about Vande Bharat, metro expansion and so on.

He highlighted that there was not even an effort to supply drinking water here. He assured us that he would root out all corruption and ensure water supply to every household. This is what the people want. It should be noted that the Prime Minister made all these remarks with Pinarayi in mind. He instilled a new mindset among voters.

A large majority of these voters are communists. Supporters of communist ideology began considering entrusting power to Narendra Modi's hands.

The NDA is conducting a campaign emphasizing honesty, devoid of falsehoods and baseless accusations. We are not merely seeking votes. So, I pray to Paramekkavu, Tiruvambadi Bhagavathys, Guruvayoorappan and Mukambika Devi for great success.

There was news that Modi asked the party members about the victory in Thrissur...

I don't know if I can say all this. He placed his hand on my shoulder and spoke. Perhaps such a response was based on an intelligence report he received. You may decipher what he said on stage through lip reading or perhaps through heart reading (laughs).

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