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Thursday, 13 June 2024 6.06 AM IST

'My brother only asked for a swing, he did not demand anything else'; Rahul's sister makes new revelation


KOZHIKODE: The sister of accused Rahul P Gopal has come up with a new revelation regarding the incident where a newlywed bride was subjected to brutal torture in Pantheeramkavu. Rahul's sister said that her family had not demanded anything as dowry and that the dispute over the phone calls received by the bride after midnight led to the beating.

Sister's words

"My brother had beaten the bride. I do fully agree that his action was wrong. However, the situation that led to the beating must come out. On that night, the girl had received continuous phone calls from a number. The dispute over this led to the beating. We saw the bruises on her face and neck only when her relatives came home. When we asked Rahul about this, he said that he beat her out of suspicion. Both Rahul and the girl had got drunk that night when they went to a marriage party. After returning home, they went to the beach. When she came back and went to bed, she received a phone call. She then started receiving messages from the number. This happened at around 3 am in the night. With this, Rahul became suspicious. He then took her phone to find the person who called her. When he questioned her about the person who called her, the girl did not give any clear answers. Rahul then checked her WhatsApp and saw the chat between the two. The mobile phone of the girl should be tracked. It is our need to expose it before the law," Rahul's sister said.

"We had not demanded any dowry. We said that we only wanted the girl. Rahul is living alone in another country. Our mother cannot go and stay with him. We only wanted a girl who would look after him well. When the girl's family asked if we wanted a refrigerator or washing machine, we told them that we didn't want anything. However, they kept on asking if we wanted anything. Following this, we asked them to buy us a swing so that we could keep it on the top floor. It was the girl who contacted us after learning that Rahul's earlier wedding got cancelled. The wedding took place at her insistence. The girl stayed with us for two days before the wedding," she added.

Meanwhile, the police are saying that Rahul has more wives. According to the police, Rahul had married twice before and that he got married to the woman from Paravur without dissolving the earlier marriages.

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