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Friday, 24 May 2024 3.13 AM IST

Erinjery Angady aka Velleppangadi; market that got its name from its century-old Velleppam sales


THRISSUR: Puthanpalli stands tall in the city. Erinjery Angady nicknamed as Velleppangadi is active nearby. While social media is filled with 'velleppam', the century-old Kochhangadi is also viral.

Velleppam is pearly white in colour and paper-thin with immense flavour. If the people of Thrissur cook meat curry at home, they will be satisfied only if they have it with Erinjeri Velleppam. There is a rush to buy parcels in the morning and evening. It is also a favourite dish at weddings. There are incidents where more than twenty thousand Velleppams were sold as parcels for weddings. Even though Velleppam's sales slowed down due to Covid, the market is booming again after it went viral on social media.

Velleppam is made in front of twelve houses. With a history of almost a hundred years, now it is the third generation that is managing the cuisine. In the past, it was sold from house to house.

Velleppam sales was first started by three housewives. Their children and grandchildren made Appachatty(utensil used to cook Velleppam) their livelihood. Vellepam, which was previously cooked in earthen Appachatty, is now prepared in gas stoves in iron Appachatty. They are busy from early morning till midnight. Velleppam is bought by caterers, small shopkeepers and five-star hoteliers. Velleppam is also taken to other districts. Velleppam is also popular with fast foodies who sell Alfahm and Kuzhimanthi. A Velleppam costs Rs.6.

Trade secret

There are some tricks to make the perfect Velleppam. There is a proportion to which the rice has to be powdered. They say that if you mix rice flour, yeast and sugar the night before, you can make Velleppam eight hours later in the morning. The trade secret of taste. No matter how much you eat, you won't get tired. Older generations used to eat Velleppam dipped in sugared coconut milk. Velleppam can be eaten with vegetable-meat stew and fish curry.

"Tens of thousands of Velleppam were sold before covid. People come from many countries. We are very busy again."


A shopkeeper from Velleppangadi.

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