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Thursday, 18 July 2024 10.03 PM IST

'Don't escalate the issue and create controversy': MV Govindan on martyr's memorial


KANNUR: CPM state secretary MV Govindan reacted to the construction of a memorial for those killed while making bombs. He told the media that there is no need to raise the issue and create controversy. MV Govindan said that the district committee should be asked for details of the incident and would not comment further on the matter. MV Govindan will inaugurate the Raktasakshi Mandapam at Panur on Wednesday.

The CPM has built a martyr's memorial for Shaiju and Subeesh, who were killed in an explosion during bomb making in Panoor. The explosion took place on June 6, 2015.

The bomb was made in a deserted field on top of the Kakrot hill in Kovallur police station limits. Shaiju and Subeesh were killed, and four others were injured in the blast.

After the blast, the CPM had disowned both of them. The then CPM state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, responded that the party had no role in the blast and that opponents were using it for political gain.

Although Kodiyeri denied it, the then Kannur District Secretary, P. Jayarajan, received the dead bodies of both after the post-mortem. The party also bore the treatment and other expenses of those injured in the blast.

The bodies of Shaiju and Subeesh were cremated at a party-owned plot in East Chettakandi AKG Nagar. From the very next year, the party started organizing the commemoration of both of them.

The CPM had raised funds in February 2016 to build a memorial for both of them. Along with that, the names of both are also in the list of CPM martyrs in Kannur district. The list says they were killed while resisting RSS attacks.

Meanwhile, CPM worker Sherin was killed a month ago while making a bomb in Panur. The CPM's response was that there was no connection with Sherin or bomb making. However, Panur area member Sudhir Kumar and Poyilur local committee member Ashokan had visited Sherin's house.

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