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Sunday, 16 June 2024 1.47 PM IST

‘I got a message asking ‘why me’, says Dileep; next was about Manju, actor’s reply


Dileep’s latest film 'Pavi Caretaker’ released recently. The actor had given many interviews as part of promoting the film. Most of it have gone viral on social media. In some interviews, Dileep opened up about his family.

Some things that Dileep said in an interview to an online media are now going viral on social media. The anchor asked him whether Dileep, the individual gets worried about things including the case. The actor's reply to it is going viral.

'Whenever a problem arises, we will have our own worries. I cannot reveal more about it as it is a court issue. A legal battle is going on to bring out the truth. By God’s blessings, I have the prayers of my audience. I have only cinema in my mind. I have never thought about it in my life.

There was a time when I wanted to become something in the film industry. God has given me a lot. When these issues come, we say that sometimes certain messages speak to the questions we ask God? I frequently ask ‘why me’ when I have worries. We see all our bad times in it. One morning when asking God, I saw a message on my phone. It was ‘why me’. I opened it as soon as I saw it.

When there was good and happiness at one time, when millions of people looked for you, when good things happened to you, did you ever ask me why me? I was not asked why only I was chosen when so many people were standing. But when something bad happens to you, you have no right to ask for it. If you’ve asked that, you can ask this too. Go through that moment with prayer. Face it like happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. I am a person who believes in truth and God. I move forward relying on God. I am not hostile to anyone and have no complaints against anyone. It was our bad times,’ Dileep said. He did not reveal who sent that message.

The anchor's next question was about Manju Warrier. His question was whether we can expect a film with Manju Warrier in future. 'No such roles have come. We will think about it when it comes,’ clarified Dileep.

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