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Monday, 15 July 2024 2.10 AM IST

Vehicle modification and vlogging; High Court orders strict legal action and instructions for law enforcement


KOCHI: The High Court has ordered strict legal action against vloggers and vehicle owners who modify vehicles creating safety hazards on the road. Instructions for law enforcement were also issued in the suo motu case.

The division bench ordered the cancellation of the license and RC book of those who modify vehicles on a large scale. Action should be taken under the Road Safety Act against vloggers who enter the cabin of vehicles and shoot videos in such a way that distracts the driver. The court also took into account the situation where tourist buses and other vehicles install loud horns, heavy smoke pipes, display lights etc.

Other instructions

  • Transport Commissioner should take action against contract carriages and other vehicles causing noise and air pollution.
  • Licenses of drivers who make major modifications to their vehicles should be suspended.
  • A fine of Rs 5000 should be imposed on the owners of such vehicles.
  • The RC of vehicles that pose a security threat should be suspended or cancelled.
  • Such vehicles should be produced before the magistrate and further action should be taken.
  • Display of modified vehicles brought under temporary import permits at auto shows and exhibitions should be prohibited.
  • Vloggers should remove content on Youtube that is against the Motor Vehicle Act.

A division bench comprising Justice Anil K Narendran and Justice Harishankar V Menon will hear the issue again on Friday. The report of the Motor Vehicle Department regarding the action taken against Saju TS aka Sanju Techy for installing a swimming pool in the vehicle will also be considered.

Section 190(2)

  • Violation of the Road Safety Act is punishable by imprisonment for three months or a fine of Rs 10,000 or both.
  • Imprisonment for six months or a fine of Rs.10,000 or both if the offence is repeated. The license will be suspended for a specified period.
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