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Saturday, 20 July 2024 3.33 AM IST

K Radhakrishnan saves LDF from falling to zero as Ramya fails to woo voters


ALATHUR: The only constituency where the LDF won in the Lok Sabha elections is Alathur, thereby saving the left from humiliation without a single win. K Radhakrishnan, of LDF, secured 4,03,447 votes and won by a majority of 20,111 votes. Sitting MP Ramya Haridas of UDF got 3,83,336 votes and NDA's TN Sarasu got only 1,88,230 votes.

LDF and UDF fought a tough battle to capture Alathur, which has crucial votes of farmers and farm workers. Although it is generally believed that the LDF was undermined by anti-incumbency sentiment, it was the popular support of K Radhakrishnan that helped the LDF. Last time, Ramya, while she was the president of Kozhikode's Kundamangalam block panchayat, defeated CPM's PK Biju by a majority of 1,58,968 votes in Alathur, which is believed to be a stronghold of CPM. Alathur people's opposition to Biju was also reflected in the vote bank last time.

After the formation of Alathur constituency in 2008, Biju won the elections (2009 and 2014). Alathur constituency, which is also a scheduled caste constituency, is made up of seven assembly constituencies of Palakkad and Thrissur districts.

Ramya's youth, appearance as a commoner and singing were the factors that influenced the voters. But Ramya could not sustain this influence. It is clear from the verdict that even though Ramya spoke about her activities in the constituency, she could not win the trust of the voters.

This time too, Ramya campaigned by singing, people of Alathur constituency couldn't be wooed. Lack of funds affected Ramya's campaign well. The main criticism is that no noteworthy projects have been brought up in the constituency. There was criticism that the party was not active in the programs and communication with the workers was not transparent. Although these things have been said, the result shows that its ripples have not stopped.

The LDF has nominated K Radhakrishnan, a Chelakkara resident of Alathur constituency, with the aim of regaining the constituency he had lost. A popular, mature, minister, ex-speaker, who has never lost an election is what the party considered. Though people had disagreements with Radhakrishnan on some topic, in the end K Radhakrishnan became the saviour of LDF.

NDA candidate Dr TN Sarasu started campaigning in the last few days due to the delay in the announcement of candidates. This time, NDA took over the constituency from BDJS.

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