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Sunday, 14 July 2024 8.18 AM IST

Job opportunities in Korea and K-pop fever; Korea Center under MG University planning to start Korean language classes


KOCHI: With the rise of movies and K-pop music, the number of people learning Korean has increased in the state. Another reason is job opportunities in Korean companies. With this, the Korea Center under MG University's School of International Relations and Politics is planning to start Korean language classes. MG University started the first Korea Center in South India last year as part of India-Korea cooperation. With the increase in demand, there have been many private institutions teaching Korean in the state.

Everyone realized that Korean stars were so viral when three 13-year-old girls from Tamil Nadu left home after being attracted to K-pop band BTS. The girls who left their homes with the Rs. 14,000 they took from their piggy banks to go to Seoul, the capital of Korea, via a ship from Visakhapatnam, were brought back home by the police. A large section of school students in Kochi are fans of Black Pink Band.

Learn through app

Students can also learn Korean for free through the Duolingo app. Korean is the most studied language in India after English, Hindi and French. Regular and hobby classes are also conducted in many schools in the country in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center.

K-fashion also making waves

K-fashion is also popular among the younger generation. The Korean trend is loose-fitting clothing that hides the body. Korean 'slim fit' diets are also in demand among youngsters.

"Korean language education is under consideration because of the large number of inquiries. It cannot be said when the course will start because there are many formalities pending."

- Dr. Jojin V. John,

Director, Korea Center,

MG University

"The uniqueness of the songs, the style of presentation and the attire of the singers is what attracted my attention. Everyone excels in singing and dancing. I learned Korean online with friends. I can read and write Korean."

- Ivana,

Class IX student, Campion School, Kochi

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