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Thursday, 25 July 2024 1.03 AM IST

Dengue fever spreading but no need to worry; spoonful of mustard is enough to keep mosquitoes away; try this natural mosquito repellent


There is no shortage of mosquito trouble in the house, whether it is rainy season or summer. Many diseases like dengue fever, West Nile, elephantiasis, Chikungunya etc. are spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed by laying eggs in stagnant water. So make sure that there is no standing water in and around the house.

We use some chemical poisons to repel mosquitoes. For example mosquito coils. However, these are harmful for children and the elderly. Let's see how to get rid of mosquitoes naturally at home without using any chemicals.

Necessary items

Mustard - one spoon

Lamp oil - as needed

Lamp wick - 2 nos

How to use it

Mustard should be finely ground. Put some mustard powder in a lamp, pour lamp oil into it and light the lamp. It can be placed in a place where there is a mosquito problem. Smoke will rise from it. With this, mosquitoes will stay away from the spot.

It is also very good to smoke mustard powder instead of smoking things like Indian frankincense. By doing this, there is a possibility of a good smoke build-up. So soon the mosquito trouble will be done for good.

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