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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 4.29 AM IST

Bribery for PSC membership: no complaint, says CPM


KOZHIKODE: CPM has taken a public stance that there is no complaint in the bribery allegation for PSC membership. CPM State Secretary MV Govindan said yesterday that there is no complaint before the party and asked what action can be taken on a non-existent allegation.

At the same time, MV Govindan, who came to inaugurate the district conference of KSKTU at Mavoor, told the media that just because the state committee did not receive a complaint, it should not mean that there is no investigation, and there will be an investigation from where there is a complaint. "If there is such a complaint in any component, they will investigate it. The party will check if anything wrong has been done," Govindan said.

District Secretary Mohanan also reiterated that no investigation is going on at the party level. Rumours are rife that the party is trying to settle the issue by taking action against the accused Pramod Kotuli on some other pretext. A three-member commission appointed by the state secretariat is conducting a probe. The District Secretariat and Area Committee have sought information from Pramod.

Although the people who paid said that they have no complaint, it is indicated that the matter was settled by returning the money.

In the situation where the opposition raised the matter in the Assembly and the Youth Congress approached the Police Commissioner with a complaint, it has become the responsibility of the party to neutralize the matter.

Money has been returned

The family of doctors who paid bribes for PSC membership claims they got their money back. The special branch team that came to investigate the controversial issue was told that the money was returned and there was no complaint. The explanation given by them was that the money was not given for PSC membership but for transfer to the Ayush department. It is reported that the CPM leadership, reiterating that nothing has happened following the police report, convened the district committee on Saturday.

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