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Saturday, 25 September 2021 2.54 AM IST

"My movies and recognitions are also because they didn’t fear that..": Parvathy Thiruvoth writes emotional note


Family plays a big role in one’s success. The success story of actress Parvathy Thiruvoth is along the same lines. The actress said that her parents are her strength.

Sharing a picture with her parents on Instagram, she wrote, “My movies and recognitions are also because they didn’t fear about their daughter’s dreams”.

മകൾ സ്വപ്നംകാണുന്നതിൽ ഭയപെടാതിരുന്ന ഇവരുടെ ധൈര്യംകൂടിയാണ് ഞാനും , എന്റെ സിനിമകളും , എനിക്ക് ലഭിച്ച എല്ലാ അംഗീകാരങ്ങളും ❤️ #misskumariaward2019

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Parvathy’s post has gone viral on social media. The actress recently received Miss Kumari Award from Artist Namboothiri.

The universe decided to roll up all the tiny reminders into one big ball of light and sent me packing to an evening where I myself became it. The light ✨ A Note of Gratitude: Kodungllur P Bhaskaran Foundation and it’s jury deemed my work worthy of the Miss Kumari Award this year. Last evening, I was awarded this prize by none other than the Maestro, Artist Namboothiri which I consider an incomparable honour. Legendary Shri P Bhaskaran sir and the exemplary Miss Kumari are pioneers who carved paths out of steep inclines for artists such as myself. Every time I lose my way, forget my “why” and question my worth, I take a leaf out of the history of our cinema. It is replete with their work and determination that pushed all boundaries. Our cinema is such a rich, thriving organism in itself because of luminaries such as them; an antidote really to any human condition we wish to understand better. For serving this massive reminder, I am grateful. It wasn’t the prize alone, though. Throughout the ceremony, my whole body mirrored the transparency of a toddler fighting happy tears with all its might. Shri John Paul, Shri Kamal, Kalamandalam Kshemavathy teacher and my dearest @anjalimenonfilms - hearing them speak of my work, I felt I was being suited up in fresh armour of blessings to go forth and do more! The most important moment, of course, when a sweet lady among the audience told the organisers to invite my parents on stage. As with any other that I have received so far, I handed this award over to them as well. I dreamed of limitless horizons while perched on their wings. I wouldn’t be here without them. You need to know this @aum_thiruvoth . I learned my first lessons in empathy from you. I continue to learn from you how to evolve as gracefully as possible, as humanly as possible without which the artist in me struggles to survive the blows she takes. I love you. Thank you to every single one who has watched and critiqued my work. You help me grow and stay committed. Thanks to my colleagues and friends who encourage me and remind me never to get ahead of myself. I owe them my level-headedness. I owe them my undying fervour to create! #mytribe ❤

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