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Saturday, 17 April 2021 4.48 AM IST

EDITORIAL: The message the Wall carries will remain


Kerala on Tuesday witnessed a very unusual kind of Women’s gathering for women’s wall, in order to upholding the renaissance values. The Women’s wall organised by parties in the ruling Front and more than 170 organisations that support Renaissance concepts was a success as expected.

From the beginning the Wall was widely criticised and opposed. The main accusation was that the government was dividing the people into two; the matter reached the court as well. But lakhs of women participated almost negating all criticisms. There were aged women and children.

The well organised, well-rehearsed event held in a disciplined and systemic manner was noted for its organisational skill. Like human chain, the women’s chain will also find a place in the annals of history.

The wall was formed along National Highway from Kasargod Taluk office to Vellayambalam Ayyankali Square for about 620 km. The organisers took maximum care to avoid traffic blocks.

The Supreme Court order over Sabarimala Women’s entry issue had created a great divide in Kerala society. It was then that the Renaissance thoughts became the topic of discussion.
There is nothing unnatural if those who stood for renaissance values felt the need for going into defensive mode when certain anti-renaissance events were staged in Sabarimala and across the State in the name of protecting old customs and traditions.

Protecting the gender equality guaranteed by the Constitution is a necessity for the existence of society. The concept of Women’s wall evolved in the meeting of various community organisations convened by the government. It became a success after the government gave full support and aid to the Women’s wall.

Whatever be the criticism from those who oppose the women’s wall, the message forwarded by the wall cannot be neglected. Don’t forget that a topic of contemporary relevance is the basis of Women’s Wall.
It is widely criticised that the money spent for organising and promoting the concept of Women’s Wall should have been kept apart for flood relief.
It is also alleged that the money spent is not worth it and the money used is from the government fund. It is as well alleged that the CPM men extorted money from people to raise fund for Women’s wall.
But, the people and society form the base fund of any populistic programme organised by political parties.
Now those who criticise this also did the same thing for their programmes, when they were in the ruling side.

The oath highlighted by the Women’s Wall is that renaissance value should be upheld and the participants will exist for gender equality.
This oath should be taken by men also since it is the responsibility of the men to ensure that women too have the rights they enjoy.

The society has to realise the importance of Women’s Wall when renaissance and reformist ideas that Kerala have preserved for decades came under threat through certain recent developments.
The message of unity and equality put forward by the Women’s wall will come to stay. Also don’t forget that that is necessary for the forward movement of the State.

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