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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 10.59 AM IST

Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde abused at the park for wearing sports attire


BANGLORE: Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde and her friend were abused, assaulted and threatened in a public park in daylight by the bystanders in a public park, near Agara Lake in Bangalore. The actress recorded visual via IGTV and shared it on social media. The visuals depict the abuses and threats and moral policing that she and her friend were subjected, despite calling the cops. It’s ironic, how in a time where the society’s mindset is changing as a whole with regards to women, another woman started tormenting the actress and her friend for wearing sports attire and working out. The lady in question even began to hit Samyuktha’s friend.

Samyuktha recalled, “I was practising the hoola hoops and my other friends were doing their workout when an elderly lady walked up to us and began abusing us in the choicest of language.

“Are you cabaret dancers? What sort of clothes are you wearing? A@&&&@s! If you wear such clothes and something happens to you the next time, don’t come crying to anyone,” The actress also revealed that she was threatened by the men who joined the lady that they will get her name fixed in an on-going drug scandal.

She continued, “Then they locked us by gathering around. I taped all this on camera. We were then for colt taken to the local station and she continued ranting against us. One of the cops thankfully said we had done nothing wrong and sent us off.”

In an Instagram post, Samyuktha posted a video of the woman in question here charging towards her friend and attempting to hit her. She also wondered about the attitude of the police who arrived at the scene stood there as witnesses while the actress and her friend were being assaulted and threatened by the gang who had gathered around them.

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Pressing the matter of how such kind of behaviour against women (in this case perpetrated by another woman itself) still exists, Samyuktha went on to reveal, “This was on broad daylight and in a public park. And a woman who insulted and abused us for simply wearing workout clothes and exercising in a park. And that too in central Bengaluru. What wrong did we do that my friends and I had to go through this trauma and shamed for no fault of ours? It’s high time we questioned such behaviour where people play moral police and torture them without reason. And we hear of such incidents so often. This has got to stop.

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