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Monday, 14 October 2019 9.18 AM IST

Editorial: Maoists should come to mainstream politics


Though democracy in India is decades’ old, still there are hangovers of offshoots of colonialism and vices such as authoritarianism, exploitation and violence. The essence of civil rights is still unapproachable to a large section of people.
In sectors which is still haunted by the ghost of discrimination based on haves and have-nots, the million dollar question is – Is armed rebel is the right solution? Though finding an answer to this is difficult, one thing is clear.
In Kerala an armed rebellion is not necessary to bring an end to vices. Malayalis understand a simple and soft language and it is difficult to convince them through the path of violence.
There are many bad things that need to be eradicated from society. But the leftovers of colonialism is not the reason for this. The fact that Communist party could come to power several times in Kerala proves this fact.
There is a common joke that all Adivasi people in Kerala would become lakhpathis if crores of rupees spent in the State for their welfare is equally distributed among them.
Where has all that money gone? Nobody has come forward to enquire about it or find out the culprits.
What Maoists, who aim the uplift of adivasis, should do first is, they should enquire about this. Instead of that, what is the use of living in forest with guns? Should there final intention be to fight against the police. In the police force also there are many needy persons. There are persons who have joined the force just for the sake of job, finding no other alternatives.

There is no point in seeing policemen as arch rivals and waging wars against them. By doing so, evil things in society will not end. There are many people who feels that a political alternative is necessary. Left extremism is not a new phenomenon in Kerala. Why, then did Left extremism failed to find deep roots in Kerala. This is a question that Maoists should ask themselves. There is only one answer for this

In a State where there is freedom for activities of any political party, Malayalis feel that the path of gun is not necessary to implement their ideologies.

What society needs now is political activists who are ready to sacrifice for its cause. Nobody will think that Maoists are people without a mind to sacrifice themselves for society, though some think their path is not right.

Maoists should give up the path of armed fight and come to mainstream politics.
Readiness to sacrifice and the basic lessons of public activity are essential for political purification and welfare of the country.

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