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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 2.34 PM IST

Same face of terror emerges


The drone strike on the Jammu and Kashmir Air Force base at midnight on Sunday marked the first test of the enemy's attack plan across the border. Pakistani drones carrying weapons have crossed the border several times before, but this is the first time a drone strike has hit an army base. Therefore, the security significance is huge. The blast, which was carried out by two drones, caused no major damage, except that the ceiling of a building was slightly damaged and two airmen were injured. Yet the calculation of an enemy for such an adventure is very clear at the most secure air force base. This is probably a light attack intended for an experiment only. The world has seen in the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict that the new type of drone is capable of wreaking havoc in modern warfare. The military says two hundred and forty-four drones have crossed the Indian border from Pakistan in the past two years. In light of this history, the drone strike on Sunday morning at the Air Force base was part of a premeditated conspiracy. Experts estimate that the drone may have been sent just 14 kilometers from the Air Force base where the attack took place. This means that the enemy's people have set up a hideout in Jammu itself and are lurking ready for anything. It is no secret that the destructive forces operating here are being supplied with weapons by drones from across the border. Beyond that, such missions are proving to have even clearer and more deadly goals.

The timing of the drone attack is also of particular importance. The attack comes shortly after the Prime Minister held talks with political party leaders in Jammu and Kashmir with a view to re-establishing the Assembly and holding Assembly elections. There have been numerous attempts to overthrow peace efforts like this in the past. It must be Pakistan's hands behind the current drone attack plan as well. Hundreds of experiences are enough proof of that. Pakistan is also receiving a lot of support from China in drone technology. Security shields for military bases and strategic bases need to be strengthened. The damage was not exacerbated by the fact that one of the drones that reached the Jammu air base, which has several warplanes and helicopters, crashed into an empty space and exploded. It is important to maximize vigilance against destructive forces.

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