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Sunday, 24 October 2021 8.48 PM IST

When Certificate Raj comes to an end


It is believed that government services are a legal right of the people. The onus is on the government to make it available without interruption. But under the current system, one has to go to government offices several times for these services. Steps have been announced to remove the application fee for government service and make it available on time. It has also decided to do away with the application fee for services. It was also decided to simplify the process by issuing various certificates in a coordinated manner. Changing the format of each certificate for each purpose will reduce the workload not only of the people but also of government offices. Revenue - Local Government Offices are the busiest for various certificates. When the late K.M. Mani was a minister, he thought of bringing in a unified revenue card. The card was intended to be used for many purposes at once. The need for multiple certificates can be avoided by providing a school certificate that includes family information. As everyone has an Aadhaar card, it can be used as an authentic document for many purposes. There is a huge rush at the Revenue Offices at the beginning of the academic year to get the Nativity Certificate for matters related to education. From now on, the school certificate will suffice as proof of the birth certificate document. It will also be stipulated that the service should be made available within five working days of receipt of the application. The certificate issued for each service is currently not allowed to be used for other purposes. Certificate purchased to apply for drinking water connection cannot be issued for electric connection. Each service of the local body requires a separate certificate. Exemption from this kind of 'certificate raj', which is bothering people, will make government offices more people-friendly.

While it would be beneficial for the people to waive the application fee for government service, it is not clear how desirable it would be for a government that is financially distressed. People will welcome the service even if the fee is charged but the only thing is that it should be available without any delay. Therefore, arrangements need to be made to simplify procedures and provide services accurately and in a time-bound manner. The civil service needs to be made more committed. Service organizations should take the initiative for this. This is easily possible if government monitoring is strengthened.

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