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Wednesday, 25 May 2022 6.19 AM IST

Rs 4,60,000 in addition to compensation to people who lose their houses: CM announces SilverLine package


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CM Pinarayi Vijayan in his address to a gathering of ministers, people's representatives, media chiefs and civic dignitaries at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium announced a rehabilitation package for those losing their property due to the K-Rail project. As per the plan rehabilitation package, Rs 4,60,000 will be given in addition to the compensation to the landowners who lose their houses. Alternatively, compensation of Rs. 1,60,000 and a Life-model house will be given. In addition to the compensation, the poor will be given five cents of land and a Life-model house. Otherwise, in addition to the lost amount, five cents of land and four lakh rupees will be given.

Landlords who lose a commercial establishment will receive compensation of up to Rs 50,000. Those in a rented building will get Rs 2 lakh. Compensation of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 will be given for demolition of cattle sheds.

According to the SilverLine project report, more than 9,300 buildings will have to be acquired. The CM said that the four times the market price of buildings in rural areas would be given. In cities, the price will be double. The CM said the government has set aside more than Rs 13,000 crore for such compensation. Impact and losses related to land acquisition will be calculated. The project will be implemented in a way that minimizes the impact.

"Our state needs development. In the past there was little development. If we do not move forward with the times now, we will fall behind. The infrastructure development of the country should be well developed. It needs government intervention. According to the budget, the project can be implemented according to the financial capacity of the state, which is not possible. That’s how KIIFB was revived to implement the project outside of the budget. Projects worth Rs 62,000 crore are being implemented in this way. This will change the face of the state.", the CM said.

The land will be acquired for the project in two years. Construction will be completed in three years. The CM said that 50,000 people will be directly employed during the construction phase and 11,000 when the project is completed.

"Some say it will have an environmental impact. But the K-Rail does not pass through an ecologically sensitive area", the CM added.

The CM said that K-Rail not pass through any wildlife sanctuary and does not interfere with the natural flow of rivers and water bodies. "Nothing will happen to paddy fields and wetlands", he said. The CM said the rail would pass through 88 km of pillars at such places.

The CM said that the implementation of the project will benefit the environment. "Carbon emissions will be reduced due to K-Rail. It is possible to reduce carbon emissions by 2,80,000 tonnes by 2025. The ro-ro system will be used to transport the goods vehicle. This will reduce the use of fossil fuels", he said.

The CM also said that the SilverLine project is not a development that forgets nature.

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