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Tuesday, 09 August 2022 7.19 AM IST

China holds military drill following Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit


BEIJING: Following the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has begun a military exercise in the South China sea surrounding Taiwan. China's move came after Nancy Pelosi returned from Taiwan to visit Japan and South Korea. The world nations are concerned about whether China will carry out an invasion like Russia did in Ukraine.

The military exercise began with the deployment of warships at six positions in the sea around the island nation of Taiwan and by camping off the coast of Fujian, a province close to mainland China. Taiwan reported that 21 Chinese warplanes violated its airspace yesterday alone.

In response to China's announcement of the drills, Taiwan's Defence Ministry said that China's plans to hold six live-fire military drills in waters around Taiwan over the next few days are an attempt to threaten Taiwan's major ports and metropolitan areas.

China has announced a ban on sea and airspace from today afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It is indicated that China will use missiles as well. Taiwan has accused China of deploying warships at three points in the Taiwan Strait within its jurisdiction.

The military exercise is being conducted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command. Apart from naval and air forces, the Eastern Theater Command also has missile, strategic support and joint logistics support forces.

Japan and South Korea have expressed concern over Chinese military exercises. It also summoned the United States Ambassador Nicholas Burns in Beijing over Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng voiced strong protest over Pelosi's trip to the democratic self-governing island.

Military strength

Soldiers....... Plane...... Ship

China.......20 lakh..............3285.............777

Taiwan......1.7 Lakh..........741............117

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