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Tuesday, 27 September 2022 9.46 AM IST

Guide to new direction


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on Independence Day underlines India's journey in a new direction. Prime Ministers usually make new announcements during their Independence Day speech at the Red Fort. Modi's ninth speech did not contain any announcements. Rather than politics, it was a speech that revealed a clear vision of what action plan should be followed in the next 25 years for the progress of the country and its people. 75 years after independence, guns made in India were used for the ceremonial gun salute for the first time. The Prime Minister presented the development guidelines stating that India should grow with emphasis on five important factors. The first goal is to achieve the goal of a developed India by 2047. For that, the Prime Minister called upon the youth between the ages of 22 and 25 to dedicate themselves to fulfill that goal with new action plans. Beyond the limited objective of getting a job, priority should be given to new start-ups and platforms where youth can provide employment to more people. Technology also plays a major role in this. With the advent of 5G for high-speed data transfer and the deployment of optical cables across the country, the digital revolution will literally take place in India in the coming days. It will also create extraordinary changes in the education and health sectors. Changes in education are changing the lives of common people. The giant walls of caste, backwardness, lack of relative strength and many barriers that still exist will come down.

India's GDP is 147.5 lakh crores but the per capita income is Rs 1980. In the coming decades, there has to be a drastic change in the way that people's incomes increase as the country develops. While India's short-term goal is to change that, the ultimate goal is the total upliftment of humanity. For this, the people should be freed from the sense of inferiority due to lack of wealth, lack of education etc. As soon as the servile attitude is gone, development and progress can be achieved naturally. An India led by other countries will not emerge even as we seek help from them. For that we should be proud of the unique heritage of our country that no one else can claim. The contributions made by the great talents born in India but who have disappeared will give us strength to be first in any field. Instead of being proud of this heritage, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of heritage in the sense that people should give up the perspective that gives more glory to what is foreign. Be proud of your own language while respecting different languages. Diversity is the strength of our nation. Similarly, India is also the birthplace of democracy. So India's growth will not become a threat to anyone. It is the greatest feature of Indian culture. What makes India different from other countries is that it provides a favourable soil for any religion to be accepted and grow. The Prime Minister reminded the people that no action should be taken by anyone to harm the dignity of women by word or deed. Any development without giving women the opportunity and respect they deserve will not be sustainable anywhere. Only a country where women and children live happily can be called a highly developed country in the true sense. The Prime Minister mentioned that our journey should reach such a goal within 25 years. There may be differences of opinion, but none of them should evolve to affect and harm the unity and integrity of the nation. The last factor highlighted by the Prime Minister is that every individual should be committed to their civic duty without persuasion. It is the duty of the government to provide electricity to all. But it is the duty of the citizen to save energy while using it and not waste it unnecessarily. We can make a smooth life possible only when every person follows civic duty in matters like cleanliness, garbage disposal etc.

The Prime Minister pointed out that nepotism, corruption and family rule are the biggest problems the country faces, with the introduction that he is not talking about politics. He also warned that corrupt people cannot be accepted and that no top gun is going to get away with it. We can make the dreams of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom come true only if we all come together and forget our differences on development issues for the goal of India @ 100.

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