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Saturday, 28 January 2023 6.20 AM IST

Countries that shelter terrorists are preparing ground for their own destruction: Jaishankar at UN


UN: S. Jaishankar, the Minister for External Affairs, at the United Nations, severely criticized nations that protect terrorists in the name of politics. The remarks were aimed at Pakistan and China without mentioning the names of the two countries. The minister said that countries that shelter declared terrorists are preparing the ground for their own destruction.

China had vetoed a resolution brought by India and the United States at the UN Security Council to announce sanctions against Pakistan's Lashkar terrorist Sajid Mir. China colluded with Pakistan and refused to blacklist Mir. That is what the minister was indirectly referring to.

Jaishankar also suggested reforms in the Security Council. "It is unfair that some countries do not have representation in the Security Council where their future is discussed. The practices of the Security Council are out of date. The discussion on Security Council reforms should not be prolonged indefinitely", he said. (India's two-year temporary membership in the Security Council is six months away.)

Ukraine: India is on the side of peace

"In the Ukraine-Russia conflict, India is on the side of those who respect UN principles and peace. India is with those who are suffering due to rising prices of food items, fuel etc. The only way to end the conflict is through dialogue and diplomacy", Jaishankar said without mentioning Russia by name.

Last week, Prime Minister Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin that this is not the time for war. Jayashankar reiterated that this is an opportunity for development and cooperation.

"While the world's attention was on Ukraine, India was facing philanthropic challenges in its neighbourhood. 50,000 tons of wheat were provided to Afghanistan, 3.8 billion dollars in medicine and aid to Sri Lanka and 10,000 tons of food and medicine to Myanmar. The vaccine has been delivered to more than 100 countries", he said.

Jaishankar also explained India's initiatives to combat climate change, such as the International Solar Alliance. On December 1, India will assume the presidency of the G-20 group. India will work hand in hand with the G-20 nations on issues like international debt, economic growth, food and energy security and environmental protection.

India's pledges

The minister said that India is on the path of development under the energetic leadership of the visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He reiterated the five pledges taken for national progress.

  • India will become a developed nation in twenty five years.
  • It will be completely free from colonial influences
  • It will be rooted in the cultural tradition of the country
  • It will promote unity and brotherhood in the world without compromising on issues like terrorism and epidemics
  • The nation will fulfil its duties by helping fellow nations.

Security Council: Russia supports India

Russia voiced their support to make India a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow sees the prospect of making the Security Council more democratic, exclusively, through broadening the representation of countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America. "We note India and Brazil in particular as key international actors and worthy candidates for permanent membership within the Council whilst at the same time unilaterally and mandatorily raising the profile of Africa," Lavrov said.

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