"Can buy anti-national journalists with Rs 60": Kangana Ranaut spat with journo takes ugly turn


Reacting to the controversy sparked after her recent spat with a journalist at a press event, Kangana Ranaut, in a video shared on Thursday, accused journalists of being rotten and cheap freeloaders and challenged the media to go ahead and ban her.

You come to press conferences to eat free food. I want to know on what basis you call yourselves journalists," she said in a video posted by her sister-manager Rangoli Chandel.

"I request you people with folded hands to go ahead and ban me, because I don't want you guys to earn your livelihood on my name", she said.

On July 7, during a press event organized for her upcoming film 'Judgemental Hai Kya', the actor lambasted a reporter for writing "dirty things" about her film 'Manikarnika', which marked her directorial debut.

Following this, the Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India boycotted the actor and denied giving her media coverage.

While Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the upcoming film, instantly issued a statement apologizing for the incident, with her recent social media post, Kangana Ranaut has made it clear that she is not in a mood to apologize.

In the video, which is shared in two parts, the actor slammed a 'certain section of media' calling them anti-national and sold-out.

"You think incompetent, rotten, pseudo-journalists like you can harm my status? I can buy inefficient, sold out, anti-national journalists like you in fewer than Rs 50-60," she asserted in the video.

She concluded the video by thanking her fans and supporters who stuck by her side during the release of 'Manikarnika' while 'movie mafias' were standing against it.